Main office (Onchan Surgery): 01624 622259

Ramsey Surgery:  01624 812208

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At Arg Beiyn we offer a complete range of services including

  • Ultrasound scans for pregnancy, abdominal and heart problems

  • 2 fully equipped, sterile operating theatres for orthopaedic, general and advanced surgery

  • Hip X-rays for BVA/Kennel club schemes

  • Diagnostic lab for same day and urgent results from blood and urine samples

  • Varying sized endoscopes for dogs and cats

  • Blood pressure monitoring

The menu on the right will link you to more information on most of our services


We don't just want to see your pets when they are ill and offer a number of services to keep them healthy -

  • Advice on choosing a new pet

  • Our primary vaccination programs for puppies and kittens also include free nurse clinics giving advice on their care

  • Free pre-vaccination checks for puppies and kittens

  • Well pet programs for the older pet

  • Post-neutering follow-ups

  • Weight control clinics for your pets to help with healthy weight loss

  • Dental check-ups to ensure their teeth remain healthy and shiny.


We also stock a range of quality pet foods and our staff are more than happy to give you advice on the best choice of food for your pet. Along with our stock of  quality Kong toys we can give your pet the all round care and advice it needs. Please speak to us if you have any pet issues, we want your pet to be healthy and happy!


In an emergency


Always telephone first -we can be prepared for the problem and have any relevant equipment available if we know what is coming in. It is almost always best to transport your pet to the surgery as this is the quickest way to get the best treatment and we will have all our life support equipment available.



Services available:





Specialist services


Nurse Clinics