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A New Era

Arg Beiyn Veterinary Practice would like to announce a change in their management. Edric Cross, a partner for the last 14 years, has decided to leave the Isle of Man. The staff would like to congratulate Karl Bovenizer on becoming the sole owner of Arg Beiyn Veterinary Practice.


Karl is delighted to have the chance to continue the high standards we have set over the years at Arg Beiyn. “My staff and I are determined to care for our patients with the same level of veterinary medicine that they have become accustomed to and I will continue to invest in our facilities to ensure we have the most up-to-date equipment.”


Moving forward, Arg Beiyn intends to focus on delivering excellent client and patient care. Karl believes “modern veterinary services include caring for both the owners and their pets.  Pets are part of the family and their well-being is essential to your happiness. Caring for them involves caring for the owner too.   A trip to the vets can often be worrying and our aim is to make you and your pet as stress-free and comfortable as possible. “


Arg Beiyn would like to thank Mr Cross for all he has brought to the practice over the last 14 years and wish him well in his new venture.

K-Laser Veterinary Treatment

We have now added one of the best and highest quality laser treatments to our list of equipment. The K Laser operates at the most efficient level to all types of treatments. All of our surgical cases now get treatment when they are finished leading to quicker healing times, Arthritis cases show improvement in pain and mobility and it has even been out on the road to work on wounds and tendons on horses,.


If you feel your pet could be helped out with this wonderful treatment, one of our nurses would be delighted to discuss it with you.


Pop into one of our surgeries or give us a ring on 622259 and we will tell you all about it

Is your pet properly identified?

It is so easy for your dog or cat to go wandering off and get lost. If this happens are you sure it will makes it way back to you? If it is injured how will the vet know who to call? With a simple microchip inserted you can rest easy. If your pet goes missing, a quick scan will immediately tell us who they belong to and one phone call later you will know.


Call into one of our surgeries for more details.