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Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapeutic purposes. We use a specially designed treadmill which can be filled with water to a set level to fit all sizes and breeds of dogs. Exercising in water gently exercises every muscle in the body, helping to rebuild or maintain fitness without the risk of injury whilst supporting joints. During Hydrotherapy your pet will be encouraged and supported, if at anytime it becomes distressed we will stop. Dogs may be fitted with a lifejacket for their own safety.


We recommend the use of Hydrotherapy for the following reasons -


Orthopaedic rehabilitation :  It is recognised that hydrotherapy greatly assists in recovery post surgery and we therefore recommend it to many of our patients.


Arthritis—By using hydrotherapy the limbs are given extra support by the water therefore easier reduced loading on the joints encouraging a greater range of motion. This increases muscle bulk more which provides extra support to ailing joints.


Obesity—Extra weight on pets is becoming a bigger problem these days. We will be using the hydrotherapy unit as an aid in our weight control programs. Again the water acts as a support allowing the animals to exercise more easily and hence aids weight loss.


Fitness/Stamina work—In this area the treadmill acts in the same way as it will in a gym, with the added benefit that the water acts as a resistance to push against hence allowing more controlled exercise.


Our operators are fully trained and work with one of our vets to ensure that your pet gets the correct course of treatment. They will also use physiotherapy when required. Our Hydro unit is situated in our Ramsey branch. Please call them if you want more information or even just a look at the unit. Have a look at the video below to see how we used hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to help a dog with a spinal