Main office (Onchan Surgery): 01624 622259

Ramsey Surgery:  01624 812208

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Patient Admissions:

If your pet is coming into the surgery for tests, medical treatment or surgery, we have a set procedure to try and make it a little easier for both you and your pet. When the vet decides that your pet needs to come into the surgery he will pass the details to one of our nurses. They will then contact you to arrange a suitable time to bring your pet and to discuss any issues associated with the visit including an estimate of costs. Please remember that this is an estimate and estimates can change based on what we find during investigations or surgery. We will try to arrange a specific appointment time to bring your pet in. This allows our nursing team to give you more time at what can be a stressful time. If everybody arrives at the same time it makes the whole process that little more rushed and stressful for all.


In our Onchan surgery we have a special entrance for in-patients. Morning surgeries tend to be a little busier in Onchan so we seperate in-patients from consultations. The entrance for inpatients is situated at the back of our surgery, off Stoney Rd. If you are unsure as to where this is please ask one of the staff or see the map on the Onchan surgery page . In Ramsey, please use the main entrance. Depending on the reason for your pets visit, it may need to be starved overnight. Please check with our staff for any special preparations you may need to make prior to the visit. All surgical patients will be offered a  pre-anaesthetic blood test. This is to allow us check for any underlying problems that may not be seen on a clinical exam such as early kidney or liver disease. These are highly recommended in animals over 7 years old.